The Most Exciting Options in the Toronto Limousine Services Market Today

Using the most exciting options for limo rentals in Toronto is nothing new to many people. There are those who have been enjoying this type of transportation for special events for many years. The most popular of these are the stretch and SUV stretch vehicles. Following closely is the limo bus and some of the other luxury vehicles such as Hummer and Cadillac.

Check out some of the most exciting options that are available in the market today.


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The Magnificence of The Party Bus in Toronto – A Choice Above

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy an event is to hire the services of a luxury Toronto party bus. These amazing vehicles are becoming so popular nowadays that they are fast becoming the top choice for people of every walk of life to use when they are going out with friends, or having a special event.


Some of the special events that can require the use of a Toronto limo bus include weddings, proms, bachelor parties and much more. The truth is, people are becoming more picky when it comes to luxury transportation, and that is why they want the best. Many people will even use the limousine bus for events such as going out with friends for a night out.

How exciting is that? going to a club in one of these vehicles will surely guarantee that you skip the line! Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy the time in the party bus as if you were in a club with your friends.

Check out some of the available options for these magnificent and amazing limousines buses in Toronto.

Ever Wanted to Ride a Luxury Stretch Mercedes

Do you care to ride in a Mercedes? How about a Mercedes limousine?

Many people view this car to be the ultimate in luxury and elegance. How about if its available in a stretch version? would that not be the most luxurious transportation method that you ever came across. Well, there are many options available that make your night the dream you want it to be.


The Benefits of Hiring A Limo Service in Toronto Are Plenty

Using a Ford Excursion limousine in Toronto is easier than you think. It is also not as expensive as you expected. That is because we have deals and offers on some of the most popular limousines that will make it easier for you to get the vehicle of your dreams at a price you can afford.


The Hummer Stretch Limo – A Magnificent Choice for Special Events

Hummer Stretch limousines are truly some of the most exciting and outstanding limos out there nowadays. With such a variety of amazing features, luxury interior and a magnificent exterior, it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing the hummer limo for travel around Toronto.

This vehicle is especially useful for events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, where the people want to have a good time and make a grand entrance. Check it out and you just might love it!



The Stretch Escalade Limousine – A Classic Choice Indeed

The Stretch Escalade limousine is one of the most famous limos that are available in Toronto and the world. It is a workhorse and can carry from anywhere between 10 to 15 passengers. Many people prefer this type of vehicle because it combines the most effective combination of luxury and cost effectiveness at the same time.


With many different types of options available for this awesome limo, it is not wonder that more and more people are choosing it for their weddings, proms and other special events. If you have a special day coming up soon, why not consider the stretch escalade limousine?



So I hired a limo in Toronto and look what happened a Week Later!!

Wow! What an amazing week I had? Can someone invent a time machine for me please! I want to live those 7 days again and again. I know am acting silly but I can’t help it. The past 7 days were the most memorable days of my life. But what’s it got to do with limousine? And why am I regretting? Here goes.

The Limousine Saga Begins

The ordeal started when I and my family planned a break and went on a holiday. We have 7 days so we wanted to enjoy to the fullest. Everything was perfect, we planned to visit various tourist spots in and near Toronto and we had packed all our stuffs, camera and shorts.

Only transportation was a matter of concern. I planned to hire a driver who can drive my car. I wanted to catch and enjoy amazing sight scenes of Toronto in my camera instead of concentrating on black asphalt. But my wife considered this idea pathetic and she insisted me to hire a limo with a chauffeur. Hiring a Limo?? I stared at my wife like she’s my annoying boss who never listens to me. “Either the vacation or hire a limo, we can’t afford both the things” this was my clear answer.

Ok ok, finally I agreed to contact a Toronto Limo service provider company as I didn’t want to sleep in the guest room and eat those burnt toasts again. I contacted them and was amazed to find that their service charges were really affordable. We can easily hire them without burning our savings. That time I felt proud of my wife and laughed at my silly behavior.

Limo Arrives Home

I communicated with the limo service provider over the phone. I must say the customer support representative was really polite and humble to me. He discussed each and every thing about my trip like where we had planned to visit, what type of limousine we would prefer, how many members are going and so on. He said that they have their own limousine fleet that are designed for different occasions and could be customized as per the customers’ need. He suggested me to make a visit to their premises if I personally wanted to see how my vacation limousine looks. I was quite impressed with their service and was eagerly waiting for the ‘trip day’.

Finally the ‘trip day’ arrived. The chauffeur would pick us from our home. My wife and children were so excited and dressed up like some celebrity was about to come. Yea, yea I was also excited too. But I needed to act normal as I was the one who was against the limo. The chauffeured limo finally stopped at our gate. The chauffeur was in white uniform, after greeting us he opened the door for me and my family and off we went to the week long vacations.

Life will Never Be Same Again

I and my family couldn’t blink our eyes as we were astonished by the elegant interiors of the limo. We hired a luxury Lincoln Towncar – truly luxurious and worth spending. The black leathered seats were really comfortable as I could relax my back and sit comfortably. It was quite spacious. My children were dancing and playing on the floor throughout the journey. There were small LCD’s and in-built speakers also for enjoying movies and music. On my request they also provided a bar and beverage section. The glasses were elegantly placed and whole experience was wonderful. At that time I forgot about vacations and wanted to stay in the car forever.

Niagara Falls, Here We Come in A Limo

We planned to first visit the Niagara Falls. The chauffeur was experienced and drove through the shortest path and we reached the destination within a short time. The next few days were spent travelling in utter luxury. We went to CN Tower, Eaton Center and Hockey Hall of Fame in the Limo. The chauffeur was really humble and friendly. He was up-to-date and knew about various events going on in various parts of Toronto. I must say he played a vital role in making our vacations special.

Am I Spoilt?

I personally felt that Limousines are one of those grand luxury cars that add style, class and sophistication to your ride. They provide you convenience and it feels awesome when people look at you when you sit inside a limo. I have been to various trips but Limo has made this trip special and unforgettable. I was inquisitive and wanted to know more about limo services. The chauffeur told me that they have different sized limos for different occasions.

A Limo for Every Occasion – Are You Kidding me, why not?

To my surprise, there’s a limo for every occasion one can imagine. Wedding Limo is especially designed for wedding couples to revel in their special day. Prom night and night out Limos are customized for those teenagers who want to enjoy night life safely. My daughter was thrilled after hearing that they offer secure limos and trustworthy chauffeur for girl’s night out. I liked the concept of casino limousine as they provide casino tables and bar sections inside the limo. Apart from this you are taken to various popular Toronto casinos.

My friend whose about to get married would definitely want to hire their Bachelor party limo (I will urge him!). They provide disco lights, bar section, entertainment sources inside the car. Besides these additional features every limo has its own distinct features too. How about an in-built pole dance inside a party bus? The discerning bar section caters to every party lover’s fantasy.

Limousine symbolizes power, luxury and style. I felt like the king of the world while sitting in it. Now I make sure that on our every trip, we could hire a limo. I have promised my children to hire a wedding limo on their weddings. That’s farfetched but true. I want to explore different models of limousine and would suggest you to try their services once.

The week’s over and I can’t drive my normal car. Look what I did to myself!!

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