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Hummer H2 Limo

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The Hummer H2 limousine is originated from the Hummer H2 pickup SUV. This vehicle is a brand of trucks and SUVs currently being built and marketed by General Motors company (GM). It originates from the Humvee vehicle that was built for military purposes and was used by the US army in the Persian Gulf War. The vehicle is known for its versatility, strength, agility and ability to access many types of terrain such as rugged and mountainous areas.  It is also known for its high fuel consumption.

The first version which was available for civilians was built by AM General and started marketing to the general public in 1992. It was at the insistence of Arnold Schwarzenegger that AM General first started building it and making it available to the public. In 1999, AM General sold the brand name to General Motors and has been under the company since.

The Beginning of the Hummer Limousine

As demand for stretch limousines increased, especially for use in weddings, proms and bachelor parties, many different models of cars were converted by enthusiasts and professionals. The hummer was a natural attraction to be a great candidate as a stretch limousine because of its aura of invincibility, its grandeur and class.

The Conversion Process

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As the demand was there, people started converting Hummers to Hummer Limousine. These conversions almost always start with a brand new Hummer vehicle purchased from the factory.  A number of modifications then follow to convert it to a stretch limo.

Enhancing the Brakes and Springs

The first step is to enhance the braking system to accommodate the extra size and weight of the limousine. Oversized front brake pads rear braking cylinders are used to accomplish this. Heavy-duty springs are also installed to carry the extra weight of the vehicle.

Extending the Vehicle

The vehicle is then cut in half using quality laser guided systems at state of the art factories. This cutting process is so precise and the body parts are locked in place so there is no flexing or moving that could jeopardize the process.

The chassis is then extended and strengthened. This adds length to the vehicle and ensure for a smooth and quite ride. In addition to this, heavy-duty isolators are usually added to limit vibration that may be caused by the new length of the vehicle. Electrical connectors are then used to extend all the wires and electrical connections. They are insulated to protect them from humidity and temperature extremes, especially in cold places such as Toronto. The drive shaft is assembled and balanced to ensure a smooth comfortable ride.

The structure of the vehicle is finalized and the interior is then primed to add rust protection and to prepare for the installation of the roof and side panels.

The Separator Assembly

High strength aluminum is used to build the divider assembly, the section which separates the chauffeur from the passengers. An automatic glass panel similar to that used in power windows is installed to allow the driver to control the separator panel.

Interior & Luxury Features

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Once the roof and side panels are installed, it is time to start the interior building process. The hummer H2 limousine is known for its luxury interior that includes many elegant features such as leather seating, hard wood floors and multiple mini-bars. These features are added according to the client’s specifications.

Recent Trends and Use

Finally, the Hummer limo begins to take shape. It is beautiful and sturdy, on the inside and the outside. A vehicle that started as a Humvee – being used in wars – in now available as the Hummer limo for events, proms and weddings in Toronto and many other cities across North America. This popularity of the limousine hummer is expected to continue rising as demand for luxury transportation increases.

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The amazing luxury, elegance, grandeur and sturdiness of the hummer limo make it one of the most sought after vehicles in many cities across Canada and the United states. It is also a must-have vehicle in any fleet for providers of limo service and rentals.

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