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The Lincoln Navigator Limousine

Car lovers and limousine drivers have had a love affair with Lincoln products ever since the luxury brand’s inception many decades ago. Lincolns have an understated luxury that no brands can match, not even Cadillac itself.

For decades, the Lincoln Town Car has been the top car service and limo conversion choice by top industry professionals all around Canada and the United States for its durability and classy, timeless appearance. However, Lincoln retired the Town Car sedan line recently, leaving top limo providers to look to the brand’s other products. Representing the epitome of space for a party full of friends along with the perfect platform for stretched limos, the Navigator is a natural choice for the next breed of ultra-luxury Lincoln limousines.



The Ford T Platform

Built on the previous P platform, Ford introduced the T-platform as a large SUV car. Sales of these vehicles soared in the early 2000’s and continued to do well. The fuel efficiency of these cars has significantly improved in recent years, and a hybrid version was also introduced in the last few years. The T platform was also used as a limousine in some versions. Some private companies performed limo conversions on the vehicles, while others were cut and a longer body added to be used for luxury transportation.

For everyday business and personal transportation, the new-for-2015 SUV Lincoln Navigator L just hit showrooms with a host of updates and a more luxurious interior than ever. A lower floorplan than the Cadillac Escalade allows much more legroom in the third row. The stately SUV is also longer overall and features 10 additional cubic feet of storage space for suitcases. The Navigator is the perfect luxury SUV to make a strong impression with discerning clients in from out of town without the gaudy chrome trim covering the competing Escalade.

Then there are those times when you really want to make an entrance. The Navigator makes a natural choice for a 25-foot-and-greater luxury land yacht with space for at least 14 passengers, including the highest roof in its class with enough room for a DJ booth and impromptu dance floor. A natural fit for 14 to 18 passenger conversions in either wall-to-wall or traditional bench and captain’s chair seating arrangements, the Navigator offers so much more space for 2015 that operators have the highest-quality blank canvas from which to create their personalized masterpieces.

The 2015 Navigator’s new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine makes it perfect for livery and limousine duty, as this engine is both powerful and highly efficient. A quality stretch conversion adds quite a bit of heft and weight, and in days past, that meant thirsty V-8 motors. In stock form, the new EcoBoost engine serves up 370 horsepower and 430 foot-pounds of torque and is rated to tow 9,000 pounds. That means incredible fuel savings when applied to a fleet of five, 10 or 100 vehicles for large car and limo services. The Navigator’s stout chassis, based on Ford HD-grade trucks, makes it a strong choice for conversions without the need for much in the way of expensive additional strengthening.

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Lincoln models are made for luxury on-demand transportation, and they have been the top choice for companies who know that class is more important than flashy. The 2015 Navigator sees so many additions that now is the time to do a fleet-wide upgrade. Customers are ready to see the next thing in luxury limousines, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator!

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